At FrameSpace we apply most of the air seals in quality controlled, dry, factory conditions.

What are the dangers of excessive air leakage?

  • Uncontrolled air leakage increases the amount of heat loss as warm air is displaced through the envelope by colder air from outside
  • Air leakage of warm damp air through the building structure can also lead to condensation within the fabric (interstitial condensation), which reduces insulation performance and causes fabric deterioration

In our quality controlled environment, we virtually eliminate gaps through the “air barrier line”.

Because we provide the passive barrier between the internal and external environment we fully understand the vital importance of stopping air leakage

Building Regulations 2011 TGD L Dwellings indicates that reasonable provision for airtightness is to achieve a pressure test result of no worse than 7m3/(h.m2 )@50Pa

FrameSpace will guarantee a result not exceeding 3m2/hour/m2 @50Pa (3ach) every time.  If our customer is targeting Passivhaus standard we can accommodate a result of 0.5 ach.