Costs to Run

Nearly Zero Energy Costs!

FrameSpace Solutions Light Gauge Steel buildings will always achieve an “A” BER Rating or better.

Using the “Warm Envelope” principal, a BER of A3 to A1 or passive will be delivered with many external finishing choices.  Our thermal efficiency will always exceed traditional constructions.  Below is the table of ‘official’ running costs for several types of homes at different BER ratings from SEAI.

low cost building

Courtesy of SEAI

A typical requirement for space heating in a FrameSpace home can be as low as 20 kWh/(m²yr).

Consultation with FrameSpace Solutions engineers at an early stage can result in the above SEAI suggested costs being lowered even further.

If an array of Photo-voltaic panels or other such renewable energy source is installed, the heating cost can even be zero.

While these levels depend heavily on excellent U Values and airtightness, the design strategy must also recognise the following contributing factors;

  • Site orientation,
  • Size and type of windows,
  • Amount of renewable energy technologies
  • Heating methods,
  • Occupancy regime
  • Overall volume of a house