Engineering & Software

We provide a PI insured Structural Engineer certificate after the project is complete.  Our engineers work with the project engineers to produce the most efficient design.

We use Building Information Model (BIM) software through Vertex BD.  Vertex BD are world leaders in Light Gauge Steel framing software.  With the IFC file conversion tool, architectural 3D-models can be imported into Vertex BD from almost any architectural software.


The IFC conversion tool streamlines the overall architectural to framing process by converting IFC 3D model geometry into native 3D objects, and skips the trace-over and re-modelling phases in the process.

The software is “rule based” which automates the process of generating wall and floor panel fabrication drawings, structural layouts, cut lists, and other material reports.

It is our single source for everything in the design and construction process. Vertex BD uses real building elements to model our customer’s designs in every detail, exactly as it will be built. The BIM is the source of all information including drawings, material estimates, framing details.

The software automates our design manufacturing and erection processes saving an enormous amount of time in drafting, material reporting, data entry, manufacturing, and correcting all the errors typically made along the way.


The design drawings and other data produced as well as their changes are transferred immediately to the production floor. The solution enables up-to-date management of the erection phase documentation.

When the design is complete and signed off, the system utilises an NC Link to export data directly to the Howick roll-forming machines.

The output is pinpoint accurate.  The steel coil is pre-punched, swaged and dimpled to produce studs and track at up to 600 linear m per hour.

Finishing the Frame

FrameSpace only use CE marked products and systems.  Our experienced engineers will provide structural calculations, U Values, acoustic assessments and advice on all building science issues so that your new building complies fully with the current Building Regulations.

The Earlier the Better!

When specifying FrameSpace Solutions it is cost effective to appoint us as early as possible in the design stage.  In this way we can offer real opportunities to make substantial cost savings for our customers.

engineering2The obvious area for us to define real savings is in substructure.

Through our BIM software we can assist in many ways;

  1. Supply loadings for substructure rationalisation
  2. Establish framing details around service routes
  3. Present buildability reports
  4. Decide on the mix of panels and PODS early
  5. Provide Gantt charts so that the main contractor can schedule the works with certainty
  6. Finishes can be value engineered with open book budget data so that the customer is fully aware of the eventual cost implications
  7. Assist with establishing energy cost projections
  8. Provide information on life-cycle costs

The more advanced the design becomes in the pre-construction period the more data we can establish in terms of tile layouts, sanitary specifications, electrical layouts, floor finishes etc.

A few important things to keep in mind

  • Off-site manufacturing by its nature demands design detail to be fully decided before production begins.
  • Because so much happens in the factory with sophisticated software and machinery, costs are very predictable compared to traditional construction
  • Pre-planning is key to success. The longer and more comprehensive the planning phase the better chance of gaining all the savings on the project