Less Waste

Manufactured panels and modular units reduce waste on Site

FrameSpace is a pro-active and responsible manufacturer.

The use of off-site manufactured steel frame on a construction site reduces the amount of waste generated by up to 80%, depending on the degree of completion of the delivered elements.  Offering a neat and precise methodology of erection, the use of FrameSpace structures reduces the amount of unnecessary materials on site, thereby reducing the quantity of waste generated.

Trainingless waste and supervision of site personnel are very important to the implementation of such methodologies that are in effect an extension of the factory led mentality to the construction site.

Traditional construction sites normally generate, for the equivalent structural components, a significant amount of inert waste from cut blocks, surplus of mortar, insulation, off cuts, packaging, timber pallets, etc.

Working with FrameSpace steel significantly impacts the construction both in terms of sustainability of the resource as well as of the carbon and waste footprint of buildings.

There are many other sources of waste that off-site manufacturing reduces significantly or even eliminates.  See our section on “Lean Construction”