Nursing Homes

“I have designed the FrameSpace Solutions system for two nursing homes and found that there is no faster way to complete high specification buildings.  The finished structures are very efficient and are virtually maintenance free”.

FrameSpace Solutions uses offsite manufacturing as it allows us to produce nursing homes of a superior standard in a cost effective and timely manner. Ongoing heating costs are negligible as we deliver BER A Rated buildings.

We use a system of panels and Pods to deliver the building within a very short time frame. The speed and efficiency of the system allows us to position up to 20 double Pods per day. This is quickly followed by the panelling process. The external panels can have windows and doors fitted with a high level of finishes which are manufactured during the factory stage. Additionally, the party wall between bedrooms can be fully serviced.  An electric loom plugs to the Pod and the Pod awaits corridor connections.

It is possible to build up to six floors using this system. The Pods are structured in such a manner so as to allow them to stack vertically with a service shaft already in position. The floors are concrete on metal deck.

Customers can avail of the facility to include any finish you require up to BER A1 rating or even a passive house standard. Our facility consistently delivers a cost effective and thermally superior result. All products and systems are CE marked.
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56 Bedroom Care Home, Ballyleague, Co. Roscommon: Pods, Panels EWIS finish externally.  3 Month Building Program

TLC Nursing Home Santry, Dublin: Rooftop extension, Panels, Pods, Pitch Roof

TLC Nursing Home Santry, Dublin: Rooftop extension, Panels, Pods, Pitch Roof

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