Offsite Manufacturing

Our offsite Manufacturing facilities offer our customers an extremely economical way to deliver quality buildings with extremely predictable thermal qualities and low maintenance.

The production of steel frame panels and modular units at FrameSpace Solutions takes place in a protected environment where quality controls are rigorously applied at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Together with CAD/CAM and BIM software, our controlled factory techniques also allow FrameSpace management to rationalise the use of materials and virtually eliminate waste.

Deliveries to site are called-off in “Just in time”.

FrameSpace manufactured solutions deliver superior products at very economic rates because;

  • Our systoff site 2ems are more efficient, faster, leaner and safer than site construction
  • More reliable, high quality products with fewer defects that require less ‘snagging’ on site, leading to savings in both time and money
  • Compared to working on site, thefactory is a far safer therefore more productive environment for workers
  • Productivity andquality are not affected by the weather
  • There is minimal requirement for on-site cutting or adjustment, and no need for the time-consuming and potentially hazardous shuttering and handling operations associated with other construction materials.
    off site4

    Hybrid Unit: Whole front of Semi Detached home

    ction materials

  • The nature of the factory environment also permits FrameSpace to optimise the design of the elements, and to maintain total control on the use of every component that is assembled

FrameSpace manufacture with the latest CAD/CAM Howick light gauge steel rolling technology. These machines will produce studs and track at 600m per hour from flat coil.  Each piece is pre-punched for fixings, service routes, bracing and has a unique printed number for ease of assembly.

Accuracy of punches and fixing locations is less than 0.1mm per linear meter.  Windows, doors, kitchens, service openings, and even tile layouts are perfectly positioned even before any work begins.

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