Panelisation in a controlled manufacturing environment

FrameSpace simplify the supply chain by offering single point procurement and single point responsibility for the walls and floors.

Steel framing is particularly suited for panelisation because it is precision manufactured to meet exacting tolerances. Its light weight allows for easier handling with fewer skilled framers on site.

We design and manufacture to satisfy and exceed all building regulations.  Depending on specification the panels will satisfy BER ratings A1 to A3. The panels are designed to accept a large range of architectural finishes as specified by the architect.
panel1Advantages include;

  • CAD/CAM engineered for exacting tolerances
  • Quick erection times. Integrated panels can be up to 12m long
  • Speed: We can install up to 300m2 per day. A standard home can be installed in less than two days
  • If the client chooses “Closed” panels then finishing times are even faster as we install windows, doors, insulation, external finishes and even services in the factory.
  • Reduced time to weather the structure
  • Earlier introduction of following trades
  • Reduced construction waste through efficient controlled manufacturing
  • Virtually no waste on site requiring removal
  • Reduced time on site reduces environmental nuisance and disruption to local residents
  • Reduced construction time translates into reduced risk exposure
  • The panels can be fabricated in our factory while foundations are being built on site.