Passive House.

FrameSpace deliver a building envelope that will retain the heat so that compensating heat sources (other than renewable) are not required.

Because FrameSpace uses the “Warm Envelope” principal, the insulation choices for the external walls and roof are vast.

If you are thinking of building your new home or commercial development to NZEB, Passive house or Passivhaus standard, our engineers will deliver the desired finishes you require at very reasonable cost.

U Values below 0.1W/m2K are achievable for walls and roofs together with extremely excellent airtightness results.  All this can be achieved economically while delivering the external appearance that the architect desires.

FrameSpace Solutions Energy Hierarchy;

passive picture 2

  • Reduce the need for energy by using FrameSpace Solutions thermally efficient airtight building systems. Capture the energy!
  • Preserve and recycle the captured energy by installing Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation systems for a healthy environment
  • Supplement with energy requirement from renewable resources; PV, Geothermal etc.

Nearly all of greenhouse gas emissions from the residential and commercial sectors can be attributed to energy (Heat) loss in buildings.  Heat loss must be compensated for by a corresponding heat gain, otherwise the temperature inside the house will drop.  This lost heat must be replaced by paying for one or a combination of the following;

  • Open fires, (Fossil)
  • Gas and oil boilers, (Fossil)
  • Electric heaters (Part Fossil, Part Renewable)
  • Renewable systems such as photo-voltaic panels

By specifying FrameSpace systems, heat sources other than renewable may not be required!