Social and Sheltered Housing

From your designs, FrameSpace Solutions will manufacture all the walls, floors and roof frames. The result will be highest quality factory finished with fast assembly on site.

Our systems of panels and modular hybrids are cost effective and thermally superior.  The finished buildings will match the external finishes that the architect has chosen. We manufacture to match and exceed all performance specifications.  All products we use and are CE marked.

Merville Avenue, Fairview, Dublin

“All the locals DSC_8502 copyare waiting for us to pass on so they can get one of these units.  We feel so secure”.   Margaret,  Merville Avenue Resident

“I love it here.  It’s so warm all the time.  I never turn the heat on in my bedroom”.  Mary O’Farrell     Merville Avenue Resident

This developdsc_8509-copyment of 10 units for elderly people was delivered to site in panels. The panels have a mixture of externally insulated acrylic render and brick slips.  There is no block work or traditional brickwork.

The gas heating for the 10 units is from a district heating system and energy costs are very low.  Some of the elderly residents never feel the need to switch heating on in their bedrooms.

Built in 2006, with SEAI certification from that time, there has been no requirement for any maintenance to the external finishes.


The brick slips are without flaw. No cracks, no de-lamination, no leakage.  There is no reason to believe that they won’t last another 100 years.  The white acrylic render has dulled a little but other than a power wash, no paint is necessary.