Superior Air Quality.  You save money!

There is no requirement for a conventional boiler with radiators in a FrameSpace Solutions building. A much cheaper and simpler Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is installed.

Over 85% of the heat is retained within the house, all the time lowering your heating costs.  Heat is transferred to the incoming fresh air without the two air streams ever physically mixing.

A heat source can be added within the duct after the air passes through a unit to raise air temperatures but only on the coldest days.

By using FrameSpace Warm Envelope systems you can have a lifetime of not buying solid fuel, oil or gas.  In effect you are insuring yourself against future oil shocks and protecting the long term value of the home.

Because FrameSpace solutions deliver airtight, thermally efficient envelopes, MVHR systems should be used.

Your new home will be effortlessly free of pollen, dust and external pollutants.  The system eliminates odours in places where they most occur and exhausts excess CO2 and excess moisture.

The MVHR supplies ensures that plentiful, nearly or higher than room temperature fresh air enters the building in a controlled manner. Draughts are eliminated in a FrameSpace envelope and residents need not actively “air out” the rooms.









Fresh air is delivered silently to the living room and bedrooms and exhausted through the kitchen and bathrooms.

It is important to understand that this is not “Air Conditioning”, it is simply moving fresh air about while retaining the majority of the heat indoors.  Complex calculations are required for the supplier to specify the system but a general rule, 30m3 of fresh air is required per hour per person.