Lean Manufacturing


FrameSpace practice the principles of Lean Manufacturing.  Our ethos is to design and implement lean production systems to minimise waste of materials, time, and effort. In this way  can we generate the maximum possible amount of value so that FrameSpace always give competitive prices to our customers.

The matrix below (on the left) is a well-known US study listing 63 factors divided into 7 distinct sections that lead to waste on construction sites. By using offsite, lean manufacturing techniques the majority of these sources of waste are eliminated.

Waste Category

How FrameSpace Solutions Manufacturing Systems Reduce Waste



a Frequent design changes The FrameSpace systems require a Design Freeze before production begins in the factory.  This gives certainty to all participants from that point.
b Design errors
c Lack of design information
d Poor design quality
e Slow drawing distribution
f Complicated design
g Inexperience designer
h Interaction between various specialists



a Wrong material storage FrameSpace Solutions use ISO 9001 Quality systems so many of the construction site risks are avoided
b Poor Material handling
c Damage during transportation
d Poor quality of materials
e Equipment failure
f Delay during delivery
g Tools not suitable



a Workers’ mistakes Building sites tend to have many subcontractors who all have a separate agenda with limited or difficult communication and hit and miss site presence.  The FrameSpace facility like all factories have regularised systems of recruitment, training, work orders, logistical sequencing  etc
b Incompetent worker
c Poor attitudes of workers
d Damage caused by workers
e Insufficient training for workers
f Lack of experience
g Shortage of skilled workers
h Inappropriate use of materials
i Poor workmanship
j Worker’s with no enthusiasm
k Abnormal wear of equipment
l Too much overtime for workers



a Poor planning Every site manager will agree that off-site manufactured elements that arrive on site to specification with exact dimensions, installed by professionals in a safe manner, lowers the number of risks and tasks on site, reduces waste and gains time.  Using FrameSpace Solutions we guarantee shorter periods on site saving our customers money on preliminaries and the opportunity to increase turnover.  For the owner, financing times are shorter, sales or rent happen faster.  Further, because the elements are manufactured off-site the callbacks are fewer and generally a technically more sophisticated product is installed.
b Poor site management
c Poor controlling
d Poor supervision
e Inappropriate construction methods
f Lack of coordination among parties
g Poor information quality
h Late information flow among parties
i Scarcity of equipment
j Resources problem
k Waiting periods
l Rework
m Communication problems
n Outdated equipment
o Lack of waste management plans
p Non availability of equipment
q Lack of environmental awareness


Site Conditions

a Leftover materials on site Sites where Framespace manufactured products are embraced are quieter, cleaner and have fewer personnel.  Workers generally feel safer and are therefore more productive.
b Poor site condition
c Waste resulting from packaging
d Congestion of the site
e Lighting problem
f Crews interference



a Ordering errors With FrameSpace BIM technology and design freezes, procurement of materials are more controlled in an organised factory atmosphere.
b Error in shipping
c Mistakes in quantity surveys
d Ignorance of specifications
e Waiting for replacement


External factors

a Effect of weather All of the factors listed in this section are much better controlled in a secure factory setting
b Accidents
c Pilferage
d Vandalism
e Damages caused by third parties
f Festivities
g Unpredictable local conditions
h Lack of legislative enforcement