Stick Delivery of Studsstick quick build

For sites with stick buildrestricted access issues we can send buildings out in stick format.

The FrameSpace CAD/CAM machinery produces the track and studs to the exact measurements in the usual format.  We then bundle the pieces in together, attach the drawing to the bundle.  On delivery the bundle is opened.  Each stud and track has holes for fixings pre-punched.  There is no measuring, cutting, drilling and no waste whatsoever.

The wall orfast eco build stick floor panel is assembled on a flat clean surface such as the concrete floor.  The skills and tools required to assemble are really simple, adding to the savings.

10m2 wall or floor can take as little as 15 minutes to assemble before carrying to its final position by hand.

Our software restricts the size of individual panels to weights that two operatives can safely manoeuvre.

While there may be some added cost for operative handling and site assembly there is a corresponding saving on transport to the site.