Student Accommodation

“I have managed two student accommodation blocks constructed with the FrameSpace Solutions system for about 10 years and found no latent defects whatsoever”.  Paul Campbell Estate Manager Tallaght Institute of Technology

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Student Accommodation. Institute of Technology, Tallaght, Dublin. Panels, Pods, Metal Deck Concrete Floors

FrameSpace Solutions use offsite manufacturing as it allows us to produce student accommodation of a superior standard in a cost effective and timely manner.

We use a system of panels and Pods to deliver the building within a very short time frame. The speed and efficiency of the system allows us to position up to 20 double Pods per day. This is quickly followed by the panelling process.

Another attractive feature of the system is the option to avail of further savings on time and money by customising Pods to the customers wishes at factory stage. For example, one can design a Pod to have integrated kitchens attached to the bathroom. Additionally, the external panels can have windows and doors fitted with a high level of finishes already applied in the factory.

The party wall between bedrooms can be fully serviced electrically.  This can include study switches and sockets, internet etc.  An electric loom pluDSC_8403 copygs to the Pod and the Pod awaits corridor connections. Electrical work comes with a RECI certificate. The party walls are double framed soundproofed to “Robust” standards. This level of soundproofing is unparalleled in the market today and is a key facet of this type of project given the activity and energy that is standard on a busy campus.

It is possible to build up to six floors using this system. The Pods are structured in such a manner so as to allow them to stack
vertically with a service shaft already in position. The floors can be in light gauge steel cassette form or concrete on metal deck.