Sustainable development is at the heart of the FrameSpace Solutions agenda.

The quality of life of the population’s, comfort and security, health and well being and productivity are all linked to our built environment and we are aware of our responsibilities to produce sustainable buildings for our customers.

Sustainability means to us that our children have the same opportunities for growth and development that we currently enjoy.  Put this statement in a different place???

So, how do we at FrameSpace Solutions live up to our Sustainability aspirations?

Our Structure is Steel

Steel’s properties make it the ultimate sustainable structural element to support our range of thermally efficient finishing materials.

Manufactured from one of the most abundant element on earth, iron, steel can be recycled and reused endlessly without detriment to its properties. 40% of the steel we use today is recycled.


Courtesy of Steel Construction Institute UK

This unique characteristic gives all steel a high value at all stages of its life cycle.

By-products from iron and steel-making, including sludge, slag and dust, are beneficially used by the construc

tion industry in a range of products including road making material, lightweight aggregate and as cementitious material used as a substitute for Portland cement.


Its superior strength-to-weight ratio means a little steel goes a long way.

Our manufacturing processes are highly efficient with virtually no waste created and that which is created is 100% recycled.


The Insulations are from Sustainable sources and processes

FrameSpace carefully pick insulation syssustainability2tems that are compatible with our sustainable building ethos.  We endeavour to include materials that have the lowest possible environmental impact.  We rely heavily by the UK based BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method)

We choose materials for our warm envelopes with the lowest embodied energy required to extract, manufacture, transport, install, and dispose of building materials.

FrameSpace Solution’s framing and BREEAM Green Guide A rated insulation combinations will always contribute positively in achieving BER ‘A’ ratings compared to traditional constructions.

BREEAM is the leading and most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings. It has become the de facto measure of the environmental performance of UK buildings.  BREEAM produce “The Green Guide to Specification”

Materials and systems are given ratings which are derived using the BRE Environmental Profiles LCA methodology. The Green Guide to Specification ranks building elements on a scale from A+ (Lowest environmental impact) to E (Greatest environmental Impact).


Our offsite manufacturing methods reduce total energy input in the construction phase, reduce waste and increase efficienciy
throughout the process.

Because our buildings are lightweight, substructure volumes of dig, hardcore replacement, concrete and reinforcing are drastically reduced, thereby increasing the sustainability of the project.

However, sustainable construction also depends on aspects outside of our control, such as;

  • Site orientation,
  • Size / type of windows,
  • Amount of renewable energy technologies
  • Heating methods
  • Occupancy regime
  • Overall volume of a house