Warm Envelope & Thermal Bridging

FrameSpace Passive Warm EnvelopeThermol Bridging prevention diagram

FrameSpace thermally superior, cold bridging-free designs assure our customers that;

  1. They will live with healthier air quality
  2. That heating energy is saved
  3. Durability of the construction is increased

Heat makes its way from the heated space towards the outside. In doing so, it follows the path of least resistance.

Regardless of the finishes the architect specifies, we always supply the external wall to “Warm Envelope” criteria.

thermal bridge, occurs where the envelope is penetrated by any material with a relatively higher thermal conductivity than the surrounding materials leading to an overall reduction in thermal performance of the building.

Thermal bridges cause condensation, mold growth and general deterioration of the building material, resulting in discomfort for the occupants and eventually expensive replacement of fabric.

FrameSpace warm envelopes avoid the primary sources of thermal bridging to ensure the integrity of the envelope;

  1. Elimination of steel fixings
  2. Careful placement of windows and doors within the openings with designed thermal breaks
  3. Factory installation to avoid discontinuation of insulations through workmanship failures