Why use light gauge steel frame construction instead of timber frame?

As the Structural Element of FrameSpace Solutions Buildings, Light Gauge Steel delivers the following to our customers;


  • Superior for resisting lateral wind loads (Infill Panels)
    why use steel

    Microscopic view of Steel

    why use steel 1

    Microscopic view of Softwood

  • Superior for supporting heavy finishes such as cut stone, random rubble
  • Superior for POD and Modular construction
  • Consistent calculable performance
  • All connections factory formed for perfect joints. +- 0.1mm per m
  • Large range of sizes (90mm to 300mm)
  • Large range of gauges (0.7mm to 3mm)
  • More open areas within trussed roof space
  • Wider spans, Longer openings
  • Can support concrete floors
  • Greatest strength to weight ratio of any building material
  • Corrosion resistant so will last 100’s of years with Zinc coating
why use steel2

Delivered Steel Coil


  • Will never be a food source for dry or wet rot or mould growth of any kind
  • Will never shrink or twist with varying moisture contents. No drying out time required because a steel frame doesn’t shrink.
  • Virtually no cracking and pops in drywall and other finishes because of its stability
  • Not susceptible to water damage
  • No possibility of rodent attack
  • Steel repairs itself! LGS cathodically protects itself by sacrificial corrosion of the zinc coating adjacent to damage


  • Zero fire risk during and after construction
  • Does not add fuel


  • Creates less than 0.5% waste. 100% recycled
  • One of the most sustainable building materials in the world
  • 100% recyclable at end of use

On Site

  • Fastest method of construction is making steel the framing material of choice worldwide
  • Perfect material for utilising modern CAD/DAM manufacturing technologies
  • Industry surveys consistently demonstrate that steel is the safest construction material
  • A shorter construction program reduces disruption and disturbance around the site
  • Steel is extremely clean and quiet to erect, and requires fewer site deliveries

why use steel3