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Bathroom Pods

Bathroom Pods

While Framespace does not provide bathroom pods as a stand-alone product offering, on projects of significant scale, and particularly when combined with other elements of our product offering, we have the ability to provide a range of bathroom pods to clients.  

Bathrooms / WCs account for approximately 8-10% of the capital cost within the construction budget for a typical residential scheme. However, they require a far higher percentage of site managements time and resource and result in a disproportionate amount of schedule delays and defects. Our Pod solutions enable clients to mitigate the risk of distractions, delays and defects.

The Benefits of Pod Construction

  • Reduce construction time : Remove wet rooms from the critical path
  • Design Coordination : Allows for coordination of up to ten different trade off-site
  • Quality control : Produced in a factory control environment with strict quality control.
  • Streamlined project management :  Single point of contact throughout.
  • Sustainable construction methods :  Significantly reduces waste and packaging 


Consistently High Quality of Finish
Consistently High Quality of Finish

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