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Volumetric Modular: Two Storey 3 Bedroom Units

Coady Architects 


24 modules across 6 houses 


These full Volumetric Modular 3 bedroom homes were manufactured fully off-site and then transported as 4 modules to site. Two modules make up the ground floor of the house and two modules make the upper floor of the house. The upper modules which contained the bedrooms and upstairs bathroom also included an integrated roof. 

These 3 bedroom homes were over 95% completed off-site including the full facade. The brick slips and render are applied in the factory with only the vertical soldier course and one joint of toothing required on-site to the brickwork.  

These units were installed in a matter of hours with all of the internal finishes fully complete including floor finishes, walls finishes and fixed furniture. 

Framespace are at the forefront of modular construction in the country offering the unique ability to deliver 2D and 3 full volumetric projects. This 3D project demonstrated the ability to deliver extremely quick but also to the very highest standard and specification that is required by the client. 

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