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Precision Manufacturing

Of all the changes and new trends in the construction Industry, precision manufacturing has the potential to completely revolutionise how we operate and deliver. At Framespace we are at the forefront of the innovations now taking place in offsite manufacturing in Ireland and the UK and adopting and deploying best in class technologies in our new manufacturing facility.

The high precision of our processes employed enables us to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency, reducing tolerances and providing a leaner and more reliable way of producing building components in a factory-controlled environment.

Manufacturing Management System

Modern manufacturing utilises software systems for managing the end-to-end manufacturing processes with a view to optimising efficiency. At our production facility in Longford we have installed a state of the art Manufacturing Operations Management system (MOM).

Using QR barcodes, our TrakSYS software system allows every panel produced to be tracked and traced through the production process and onto the jobsite. This provides full traceability of each and every panel through the manufacturing, installation and handover process.

In addition, the QR barcodes are linked to our BIM 360 common data environment giving instant access to production drawings allowing for a paperless production floor.

The use of these software systems allows us to benchmark performance and productivity, by capturing real time production data and, giving us the tools to monitor our performance metrics which helps inform management decisions to continuously improve our process.

QR Barcodes allow Track & Trace of each panel through the production process.
QR Barcodes allow Track & Trace of each panel through the production process.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a methodology that focuses on minimising waste within manufacturing systems while simultaneously maximising productivity. Some of the benefits of lean manufacturing can include reduced lead times, reduced operating costs and improved product quality. Ultimately, it improves efficiency, reduces waste, and increases productivity, all of which helps reduce production costs.

At Framespace we champion the lean principles through every stage of the project be it design, manufacturing or on site installation.


Lean manufacturing methodology
Lean manufacturing methodology

Use of CNC Machinery

One of the key benefits of offsite manufacturing is that building components can be formed using CNC machinery with a fully digital workflow.

At Framespace, we utilise precision roll-forming machines, CNC routers and semi-automated screw bridges in our production process. These machines utilise design information directly from our 3D BIM models which ensures accuracy, consistency and ultimately the quality of our end product.

The processes employed when combined with the use of a digital workflow ensures the accuracy of our end product in turn, this helps eliminate cold bridging, assists with air tightness and ensures ease of on site installation.

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