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Installation & Assembly

Installation & Assembly

Our Framespace panellised floor, walls and roofs system consist of pre-built panels constructed in our factory and delivered to site ready for installation and assembly.

Our highly experienced site installation crews can provide a fully weather tight structure within hours of commencing installation.

While the construction sector safety record has improved dramatically over the last 3 decades, it still has an injury rate of over 3 times that of the manufacturing industry.

The benefits from a Health & Safety perspective in moving a large proportion of construction work from a site to a factory controlled environment are obvious.

We can deliver fully finished panels or full volumetric modular projects, in both instances the facade will be substantially complete getting to site 





Panels are generally delivered with windows and doors fitted and where appropriate with external finishes complete.

 Each panel is custom made for the individual project using precision manufacturing techniques at our Longford facility. This ensures that when they arrive to site the panels can be installed quickly and to minimal tolerances.


On the majority of our projects we utilise a volumetric roof structure which allows us to provide a weather tight building in an extremely short duration from the commencement of the installation.

The precision of the system results in an extremely well-insulated and airtight structure which greatly assists with each building's overall energy efficiency.

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